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India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry has published Toys (Quality Control) Order, 2020 on February 25th.

The Order mandates conformity to the following Indian toy standards and compulsory use of Standard Mark under a licence from the Bureau as per Scheme‑1 of Schedule-II of BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018.

  • IS 9873 (Part 1) 2018 Safety of Toys Part Safety Aspects Related to Mechanical and Physical Properties
  • IS 9873 (Part 2) 2017 Safety of Toys Part 2 Flammability
  • IS 9873 (Part 3) I 2017 Safety Requirements for Toys Part 3 Migration of Certain Elements
  • IS 9873 (Part 4) 2017 Safety of Toys Part 4 Swings, Slides and Similar Activity Toys for Indoor and Outdoor Family Domestic Use
  • IS 9873 (Part 7) I 2017 Safety of Toys Part 7 Requirements and Test Methods for Finger Paints
  • IS 9873 (Part 9) 2017 Safety of Toys Part 9 Certain Phthalates Esters in Toys and Children’s Products
  • IS 15644: 2006 Safety of Electric Toys

Toys are products or materials designed or clearly intended, whether or not exclusively, for use in play by children under 14 years of age.

This Order will come into force with effect from September 1st, 2020.