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The Ministry of Economy of Israel is consulting the public on the release of an amended standard for textile carpets.

The proposed SI 636: Textile carpets aims to revise mandatory standards SI 636, SI 636 part 1 and SI 636 part 2.

This draft specifies the following revisions:

  • Reduces the information required to be provided in order for evaluating the product quality
  • Changes paragraph 1.4 dealing with classification, including the removal of the sub-paragraph dealing with carpets designed for bathrooms
  • Changes the wear resistance requirements for fit the requirements of the new test method

After the entry into force of this revision, only the following requirements will be mandatory:

  • Paragraph 2.2.1 — Requires to add to the label the names and addresses of the manufacturer and the importer
  • Paragraph 2.2.5 — Requires to add to the label the cleaning instruction (washing and drying) and warning “keep away from fire”
  • Paragraph 2.2.7 — Requires to indicate on the label if the carpet includes/does not include fire retardants
  • Paragraph 3.2.4 — All flammability requirements relating to wall-to-wall carpets (type

A consultation is open for this draft until November 30, 2017.