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The Standards and Institution of Israel (SII) has established SI 14372:2010, which specifies the safety requirements relating to the materials, construction, performance, packaging and labelling of children’s cutlery and feeding utensils.

It covers all products which are intended to be used by a child aged up to 36 months to eat by itself or with the assistance of another person.

The notified standard contains:

  • examples of cutlery and feeding utensils
  • requirements related to: general requirements, mechanical requirements and chemical requirements
  • test methods
  • product information

The declaration of Israel Standard SI 14372 as a mandatory standard, notified in GB/TBT/N/ISR/911 (dated 18 April 2016) has been authorized by the Minister of Economy and Industry and published on Israel’s Official Gazette No. 7945 dated 1 February 2018, in the section of Government notices.

The declaration entered into force on May 2, 2018, and Israel notified the WTO regarding these updates on July 30, 2018.