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The government of Israel is seeking opinion on the Revised Mandatory Standard SI 682 — Part 3 — Regarding Children’s Cots and Folding Cots for Domestic Use: Cribs and Cradles — Safety Requirements.

The following modifications are being proposed:

  • In Amendment No. 2, an informative phrase is deleted after subsection d) of the European conformity pathway regarding the Order on Consumer Products of Israel.
  • Modification No. 3 introduces the following changes: 
    • A new normative reference is added (paragraph 2).
    • A new requirement is added to paragraph 4.4.1 regarding sides and ends.
    • New requirements are added to paragraph 6 regarding the instructions in Hebrew.
    • New requirements are added to paragraph 7 regarding the marking in Hebrew.

Both modifications will be published jointly in the Official Gazette of Israel.

A public consultation is open for this until April 3rd, 2020.