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Italian Ministry of Health has published “Decree on the Internal Market Control Procedures for Cosmetic Products” (Decree No. 273) on November 23rd, 2018.

This Decree specifies the application of the requirements indicated in the European Union’s Regulation on Cosmetic Products (1223/2009). Cosmetic products marketed in Italy must follow the application and procedures to comply with the EU’s Regulation on Cosmetic Products, including the notification of the manufacturing sites of cosmetic products and general procedures for the surveillance/monitoring of cosmetic products and economic operators involved in the whole production process of cosmetic products.

Specific labeling requirements (requirements of elements to be indicated in Italian languages as well as how to label of cosmetic products that are not pre-packaged, are packaged at the point of sale at the purchaser’s request or are pre-packaged for immediate sale) are provided on this Decree.

Cosmetic products must explicitly comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) procedures in all parts of the manufacturing process of cosmetic products.

The following are the dates of application of the dispositions:

  • 23rd December 2018 for various requirements.
  • 23rd June 2019 concerning notifications of existing manufacturing companies.
  • 30 days for the notifications in case of new companies.

Source URL: Decree No. 273