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The Ministry of Trade and Industry of Kosovo will have enforced the Law on Technical Requirements for Products and Valuation of Conformity (Law No. 06 / L‑041) beginning May 30, 2018.

This Law sets out technical requirements and valuation of conformity applicable to consumer products.

This Law discusses the following:

  • A product may only be placed on the market if it complies with the applicable technical requirements.
  • Requirements on technical regulations such as marking, conformity assessment, documentation, safety information, etc. are provided in Article 6.
  • Conformity assessment procedures are explained further in Chapter III.
  • The obligations of economic operators are provided in Chapter IV.
  • The conditions on the validity of conformity documents issued outside the country are detailed in Chapter V.
  • The requirements on registration and notification of technical regulations are provided in Chapter VI.
  • The supervision of market products is discussed in Chapter VII.
  • The control of products into a market are detailed in Chapter VIII.

This Law accords the consumers a high level of protection by providing requirements applicable to most, if not all, of the products placed on the market.