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The Official Gazette of the Federation of Mexico has published NOM 205-SCFI-2017 Children’s Products- Operation of High Chairs for Infant Safety-Specifications and Test Methods on September 4, 2018.

In accordance with the newly mandated regulation, a high chair must be completely assembled, including all of its components according to the manufacturer’s instructions, unless otherwise specified. It must also have a restraint system to secure the infant in the sitting position in any of the positions of use recommended by the manufacturer.

This new legislation covers all children’s high chairs that are marketed with Mexico. However, additional functions of those high chairs that can be converted into low chairs and tables for use in walkers, strollers, swings, car seats or reclining low chairs are exempted from the list.

Once the manufacturer or marketer demonstrates that this product complies with this Technical Regulation, the official seal will be placed, and it can be displayed through a label, which must remain on the product or packaging or both at least until the moment in which this is acquired by the consumer.

The effective date for the new mandatory high chair regulation will be on March 4, 2019 and applies to products manufactured or imported on or after that date.