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This draft aims to cancel NOM-004-SCFI-2006.

This draft Mexican Official Standard (NOM) establishes the commercial information on the textiles, clothing apparel, accessories and household linen.

The labeling of textiles, clothing and home clothes includes five important items:

  1. The information of the person responsible for the product
  2. Country of origin
  3. The composition of fibers (description of inputs)
  4. The instructions for care (maintenance and cleaning)
  5. The sizes of the garments and dimensions or measurements in home clothes and textiles

This Official Mexican Standard is applicable to manufacturers and importers of the products covered by this standard.

This Official Mexican Standard applies to textiles, clothing, their accessories and clothes from home, whose composition fabric is equal or superior to the 50% with respect to the mass.

This draft is open for public consultation until Jan. 8, 2021.

Publication Date:
Nov. 5, 2020