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Publication Date Tuesday, August 14, 2018





On August 10th 2018, the European Commission published the communication 2018/C 28202 in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). This publication harmonizes the following standards under Directive 2009/48/EC:

  • EN 71–1:2014+A1:2018 Safety of toys — Part 1: Mechanical and physical properties
  • EN 71–3:2013+A3:2018 Safety of toys — Part 3: Migration of certain elements
  • EN 71–7:2014+A2:2018 Safety of toys — Part 7: Finger paints — Requirements and test methods
  • EN 71–8:2018 Safety of toys — Part 8: Activity toys for domestic use
  • EN 71–14:2014+A1:2017 Safety of toys — Part 14: Trampolines for domestic use

The presumption of conformity for superseded standards ends on February 28th, 2019. However, the communication from the European Commission also states the following concerning EN 71–3:2013+A3:2018 and EN 71–7:2014+A2:2018.

EN 71–3:2013+A3:2018

  • Starting on October 28, 2018 the migration limits for lead will be 2,0 mg/kg in dry, brittle, powder-like or pliable toy material, 0,5 mg/kg in liquid or sticky toy material and 23 mg/kg in scraped-off toy material.
  • Starting on November 19, 2019 the migration limits for chromium (VI) will be 0,02 mg/kg in dry, brittle, powder-like or pliable toy material, 0,005 mg/kg in liquid or sticky toy material and 0,053 mg/kg in scraped-off toy material.

EN 71–7:2014+A2:2018

  • For the preservative climbazole, the presumption of conformity allows for a maximum concentration of 0,2 % (instead of 0,5 %).
  • The preservatives a) Mixture of 5-Chloro-2-methyl-isothiazol-3(2H)-one and 2-methylisothiazol-3(2H)-one with magnesium chloride and magnesium nitrate and b) 2-methylisothiazol-3(2H)-one (MIT) have been restricted to a content limit of 1 mg/kg in toy materials and 0,25 mg/kg in aqueous toy materials. Both content limits have been in effect since November 24th, 2017 so there is no longer a presumption of conformity in the superseded standard for these two preservatives.

If you have any questions about the harmonization under Directive 2009/48/EC or about toy safety, please contact one of UL’s Toy Subject Matter Experts.



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