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On July 14, 2018, the United States’ Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has proposed to modify Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 333–016 regarding the notification requirements for children’s products under the Toxic Free Kids Act. This notice of proposal includes the following modifications:

  • Addition of five high priority chemicals to the Chemicals of High Concern for Children’s Health List (OAR-333–016-2020)
    • bisphenol S (CAS: 80–09‑1)
    • triphenyl phosphate (CAS: 115–86‑6)
    • tris(1‑chloro-2-propyl) phosphate (CAS: 13674–84‑5)
    • short-chain chlorinated paraffins (CAS: 85535–84‑8)
    • 2‑ethylhexyl‑2,3,4,5‑tetrabromobenzoate (CAS: 183658–27‑7)
  • Removal of three high priority chemicals from the Chemicals of High Concern for Children’s Health List 
    • phthalic anhydride (CAS: 85–44‑9)
    • molybdenum and molybdenum compounds (CAS: 7439–98‑7)
    • octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (CAS: 556–67‑2)
  • A priority order of those entities responsible for providing product notifications
  • A requirement that product notifications include the number of children’s products containing high priority chemicals either sold or offered for sale in Oregon in the notice period
  • Clarification that only one entity that meets the definition of manufacturer is required to report a children’s product
  • Alignment of the exemption request review fee with the fee resulting from the passage of HB 5027 in 2017

A public hearing was held on August 16, 2018 to finalize the amendments.