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In January 2019, the Philippines has signed into law the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act 10620, otherwise known as the Toy and Game Safety Labelling Act of 2013. A copy of this IRR is now published in the Food and Drug Administration’s website.

The IRR stipulates that toys and games covered by these rules shall comply with existing applicable Philippine National Standards (PNS). The required information appearing on or directly printed to the packaging of the products such as LTO number, age grading, cautionary statements, and the like, shall be readable and easily understood by the consumer and shall resist normal use conditions. Moreover, all toys and games to be sold within the Philippines shall have an item, model, and SKU number.

Toys and games manufactured and packaged outside the Philippines and directly shipped from the manufacturer to the consumer are excluded from bearing the cautionary statements provided that other accompanying material shipped with the product bears such statement.

The IRR shall take effect 15 days after its publication in the Official Gazette. To date, no official copy of the IRR has been uploaded in the Official Gazette.

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