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Philippines’ Food and Drug Administration has issued the updated Addendum to Administrative Order No. 2014–0030: Guidelines on Additional Mandatory Label Information on Sweetened Beverages Based on R.A. 10963.

This draft Order establishes guidelines concerning the additional information that must appear on product labels for sweetened beverages manufactured and distributed within the Republic of the Philippines.

  • Type of sweetener used must be indicated on the label and must be compliant with the mandatory declaration of complete list of ingredients under item no. 3 of VI‑A Mandatory Label Information.
  • Sweetened Beverages in powder form must indicate a legible statement on the number of liters per pack size or store keeping unit (SKU) (net weight volume).
  • All sweetened beverages with existing approved Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) must be allowed to use provisionary sticker on the label for the total number of liters per pack (net weight/volume) until 01 December 2018.
  • CPR applications (initial, renewal, amendment) filed starting 01 June 2018 must comply with this Order.

The purpose of this Order is to set the guidelines on the declaration of additional mandatory label information on the type of sweetener used and the equivalent serving size of sweetened beverages in powder form per liter of volume capacity to guide the food manufacturers, distributors and traders.