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The Ministry of Trade and Industry of Russia has enacted Governmental Order No. 791‑r Model Rules for the Marking System of Consumer Products on April 28th, 2018.

This Order specifies that certain consumer goods must be marked with special identification marks containing individual information about the goods. All information generated by all participants of the marking system will be stored during the life cycle of the goods.

This Order defines a list of goods which will be subject to the special marking:

  1. From March 1, 2019: tobacco products
  2. From July 1, 2019: shoes
  3. From December 1, 2019: perfume, tyres, leather clothing, shirts and blouses for women and girls, coats and outdoor jackets, bed linen and tablecloths, cameras (except video cameras) and camera flashes.

This Order also mandates a creation of a single catalog of goods in Russia.

This Order will enter into force from January 1st, 2019.