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Publication Date Friday, February 9, 2018



Currently, after two years, employees are supposed to be switched to “unfixed duration contracts”, which would grant them more protections. In practice, however, workers are often employed on a series of short-term contracts that stretch out for years. Sometimes their contracts are allowed to lapse by employers, who then rehire them months later, forcing them to start the process over again.

Hun Sen in his speech called for a “proper solution” to the instability caused by these contracts, but draft amendments to the Labour Law – which came to light just after the speech – contradict the premier’s rhetoric. They lay the groundwork for employees to be stuck on these fixed-duration contracts for even longer – four years, instead of the current two.

While the perpetual use of such contracts creates uncertainties for workers of all stripes, pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to having their employment abruptly terminated – at a time in their life when a stable job is what they need most.