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South Africa’s Ministry of Health has released Government Notice R. 1469 Regulations Relating to the Labelling, Advertising and Composition of Cosmetics for public consultation.

This Regulations provides the necessary information and requirements for cosmetic products made available in the South Africa market.

This Regulation outline the following requirements:

  • All cosmetic products must undergo a safety assessment of the finished products and its ingredients.
  • Cosmetic Safety report must be provided
  • Manufacture of cosmetics must comply with good manufacturing practice
  • Requirements for product information file are outlined under Chapter 6
  • Requirements for product composition are outlined in Chapter 7; which also includes the list of prohibited & restricted substances, colourant, preservative and UV filter under Annex I to V.
  • Labelling requirements are outlined in Chapter 8 and Product claims in Chapter 9
  • List of penalties are provided in Chapter 12