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On January 1, 2019, the Ministry of Environment of Korea has enforced the amended Act on Registration and Evaluation of Chemical Substances (K‑REACH).

Under the amended K‑REACH, any person who intends to manufacture or import a new chemical substance or at least one ton per year of an existing chemical substance must register the chemical substance according to the following requirements:

  • New substances must be registered prior to manufacture or import. <100 kg/y new substances only require notification and do not need to go through hazard evaluation.
  • All >=1t/y existing chemical substances (excluding exempt substances) must be registered within given grace periods.
  • To benefit from the grace periods for existing substances, manufacturers and importers of >=1t/y existing chemical substances must notify their company info, substance name, volume, classification and use info to the MoE in advance.

Additionally, foreign manufacturers who export chemical substances to Korea may appoint a Korea-based only representative to submit pre-notification or registrations.

Lastly, producers and importers of products containing priority control substances need to report their products to the Ministry of Environment.