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South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) has proposed enactment to the Standards and Specifications for Cleansing & Hygiene Products.

This proposed regulation establishes standards and specifications for cleansing and hygiene products. The proposal includes the following:

  1. Establish general rules to specify the legal basis and operational purposes of the standards and to determine matters concerning criteria for classification of cleansing & hygiene products, test unit, temperature range, etc.
  2. Establish common standards and specifications for cleansing & hygiene products to stipulate matter concerning requirements for raw materials used for manufacturing, criteria for compliance with the standards and specifications, and storage and distribution of cleansing and hygiene product.
  3. Set forth individual standards and specifications applied in the light of characteristic of 17 cleansing & hygiene products designated by the Cleansing & Hygiene Control Act and provide the list of eligible ingredients for detergent and rinse aid.
  4. Stipulates matters concerning sampling and sample handling methods in view of physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of the specimens used for test inspection.
  5. Establish 29 test methods to determine whether the 17 hygiene products comply with individual standards and specifications.

This proposal is open for public consultation until January 28, 2018