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South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) has issued MFDS Notification No. 2018–84 Partial Revision of Standards and Specifications of Food Additives.

This Notification specifies the revision on the standard used for infant formula food additives, including:

  • New rules are set to identify the natural source of food additives (e.g. food raw materials or fermentation).
  • The standard and specification of peroxyacetic acid is added, it can now be used as a food sterilizing agent.
  • The acidity standard for “qu” (mold produced through fermentation, including yeast, koji and etc.) was removed. These reduced requirements have widened the scope of strains that can now be used.
  • The maximum usage level of 14 food additives used in infant formula are set to ensure the product safety and align with international standards which are specified under II.5.

This Notification was enforced on November 1, 2018.