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South Korea’s Ministry of Environment (MOE) has published guideline for the disclosure of all ingredients in the voluntary agreement on the management of chemical products for personal safety.

This document provides the scope of all ingredients, the products to be covered, the method of disclosure of all ingredients, and measures to protect trade secrets.

The guide details the following:

  1. Range of All Ingredients: All Ingredients contained all ingredients contained in the product, regardless of their content. Participating companies must identify all substances contained in the product and submit it to the government.
  2. All products that are subject to voluntary disclosure include:
  • 23 items of concern for detergents and fragrances
  • 4 sanitary items such as detergents and anti-aging agents
  • 10 non-controlled products such as household mats
  1. How to disclose all ingredients: What the company submits to the government and what the government and companies disclose to consumers.

The guide was released on September 26, 2017.