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Sri Lanka’s Minister of Trade, Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Marketing Development has enforced Gazette No. 206434 Imports and Exports Control (Standardization and Quality Control) Regulation 2017.

This regulation provides the list of products that need to undergo mandatory certification. Importers must not import the articles set out in Column III of Schedule I, unless they conform to the Sri Lanka Standard set out in the corresponding entry in Column IV.

Importers must not sell, offer for sale, use or distribute articles covered under this Regulation unless approval is granted to him to do so.

Every importer must in respect of each article imported by him, furnish to the Director General of the Sri Lanka Standards Institution, periodically as required by him, a certificate of compliance with the standard stipulated for that article, issued by a laboratory in the exporting country, either accredited by a recognized accreditation body or recognized by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution.

The regulation was enforced on May 28, 2018.