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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Taiwan has listed 13 substances as toxic chemicals.

This announcement lists 13 substances as “toxic chemicals” for regulation under the Toxic Chemical Substances Control Act (TCSA) as well as under the country’s Food Safety Act. This list announces that the following 13 substances be categorized as Class 4 toxic chemicals because of “concerns about pollution of the environment or endangerment of human health”.

  1. malachite green
  2. maleic acid
  3. maleic anhydride
  4. (4‑ethixyphenyl)urea dulcin
  5. potassium bromate
  6. dimethyl fumarate
  7. benzyl violet 4B
  8. metanil yellow
  9. rhodamine B
  10. butter yellow
  11. sodium F
  12. melamine
  13. coumarin

The list was released on September 26, 2017.