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Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a strengthen Toxic Chemicals and Substances Control Act.

The act specifies the following:

  • Scope of the actual management of the Act in addition to the original toxic chemicals, has been extended to other substances of concern
  • The new “Concerned Chemicals” will be expanded to assess the scope and direction of chemical substances and conduct management at different levels to properly allocate management resources. (Amendment clauses 3, 30 to 38, 44, 45 and 59)
  • Addition to Class IV toxic substance with a restriction of 1% of weight and should be labeled “Prohibited for food and feed” on the packaging of containers are as follow:
    • Sudan – 1
    • Sudan – 2
    • Sudan – 3
    • Sudan – 4
    • Sudan red G
    • Sudan orange G
    • Sudan black B
    • Sudan red 7B
    • Diethyl yellow (aka solvent yellow 56)
    • Basic orange 2
    • Auramine
    • Red no 2
    • Azorubine
    • Orange 2
  • Include PFOA as a toxic substance under Class I and Class II with a minimum threshold of 0.01% by weight.
  • Producers, users or importers of the 14 Sudan dyes would have to begin registration and reporting of their use of these substances by 1 July and update shipping, labelling and secure permits before 1 July 2019.

Public consultation for the regulation ends on May 9, 2018.