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On May 8th, Washington Governor Jay Inslee has signed the Pollution Prevention for Our Future Act (SB 5135), tagged as the nation’s strongest legislation regulating harmful chemicals in consumer products. The newly signed act will become effective beginning July 28th, 2019 under Chapter 292, Laws of 2019.

The Pollution Prevention for Our Future Act establishes a new priority products program that could see restrictions or prohibitions of identified chemicals of concern such as PFASs, phthalates, flame retardants, phenolic compounds and PCBs. It will require the Department of Ecology (DOE), in consultation with the Department of Health, to designate at least five priority chemicals and priority consumer products every five years, and to determine regulatory actions to increase transparency and to reduce the use of priority chemicals in priority consumer products.

This Act would also authorize the DOE to restrict or prohibit a substance’s use if they determine:

  • a safer alternative is available;
  • it is not functionally necessary;
  • another state has already acted on it; or
  • if such action is necessary to protect sensitive populations or species.

The deadline to identify the first set of priority products is scheduled on June 1st, 2020.

Source URL: Chapter 292, Laws of 2019