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In 2016, KnowTheChain evaluated 60 companies in three high-risk sectors—information and communications technology (ICT), food and beverage, and apparel and footwear—on their efforts to address forced labor in their supply chains. In 2018, this effort was repeated and expanded to 119 companies. KnowTheChain views its role as both providing an evidence-based barometer for assessing corporate practice and as a resource to companies and investors for improved policy and action to address forced labor risks in global supply chains. This report is an opportunity to serve both of these objectives. This report presents findings from KnowTheChain’s benchmarks on the progress in corporate efforts to address forced labor in high-risk sectors and the most severe gaps in action that persist even among companies with more advanced supply chain labor practices. Section 4 of this report offers recommendations for companies in any sector and at any stage of developing their policies and processes for addressing forced labor.

Source URL: Know The Chain