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On EU Official Journal of 18th February 2020, the COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) 2020217 of 4 October 2019 was published.

This regulation introduces 28 new or updated harmonized classifications into the CLP Regulation, including the following:

  • Titanium dioxide (TiO2) — CAS: 13463–67‑7 has been classified as: Carc. 2 H351 (inhalation) (notes: V, W, 10). In this regard, this classification as a class 2 carcinogen by inhalation applies only to mixtures in the form of powders containing ≥ 1% of titanium dioxide particles in the form of, or incorporated in, particles with an aerodynamic diameter ≤ 10 μm or to titanium dioxide placed on the market in the form of fibers (in this case the classification may be more severe). At the same time specific labeling phrases are requested on the packaging of liquid mixtures containing ≥ 1% of titanium dioxide particles of aerodynamic diameter equal to or less than 10 μm and of solid mixtures containing ≥ 1% of titanium dioxide particles.
  • As regards the 27 other substances cited in the Regulation, the following are classified as CMR: cobalt — CAS: 7440–48‑4, nickel bis(sulfamidate); nickel sulfamate — CAS: 13770–89‑3, ethylene oxide — CAS: 75–21‑8, metaldehyde (ISO) — CAS: 108–62‑3, 2‑benzyl-2-dimethylamino‑4′-morpholinobutyrophenone — CAS: 119313–12‑1, methylmercuric chloride — CAS: 115–09‑3, benzo[rst]pentaphene — CAS: 189–55‑9, dibenzo[b,def]chrysene; dibenzo[a,h]pyrene — CAS: 189–64‑0, ethanol, 2,2’-iminobis‑, N- (C13-15-branched and linear alkyl) derivs. — CAS: 97925–95‑6, cyflumetofen (ISO) — CAS: 400882–07‑7, diisohexyl phthalate — CAS: 71850–09‑4, halosulfuron-methyl (ISO) — CAS: 100784–20‑1, 2‑methylimidazole — CAS: 693–98‑1, metaflumizone (ISO) — CAS: 139968–49‑3 and 852403–68‑0, dibutylbis(pentane‑2,4- dionato‑O,O’)tin — CAS: 22673–19‑4.

The new and updated classifications shall apply from 1 October 2021.

Finally, the Regulation corrects the harmonized classification of the substance: pitch, coal tar, high-temp.