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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada’s Consumer and Hazardous Products Safety Directorate (“Health Canada”) have issued a guidance document to help consumer product manufacturers integrate human factors principles into their product development process.

The guidance document provides the following:

  1. Purpose and Audience
  2. Overview
  3. Benefits of Applying Human Factors Principles
  4. Human Factors Activities in Product Designing Process 
    1. Product Planning
    2. Idea and Concept Generation
    3. Design and Development
    4. Testing and Validation
    5. Production
    6. Post-Production: Recalls
      • Appendix A
      • Human Factors Professionals
      • Appendix B
      • Designing Products to Accommodate Users with a Range of Disabilities

Note: This document is not a rule or regulation and is not meant to create legally enforceable responsibilities. This document must be read in conjunction with the applicable legislation. To the extent that this document might be inconsistent with the legislation, the latter shall prevail.