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The draft NPR would incorporate by reference the most recent voluntary standard, ASTM F2933-19, Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Crib Mattresses, as the mandatory federal safety standard for crib mattresses that fall within the scope of ASTM F2933-19, including full-size crib mattresses, non full-size crib mattresses, and after-market mattresses for play yards and non full-size cribs, with modifications to make the standard more stringent, to further reduce the risk of injury associated with crib mattresses.

The draft NPR also proposes to amend the consumer registration rule, 16 CFR part 1130, to identify crib mattresses as a category of durable infant or toddler products, subject to part 1130. Finally, the draft NPR proposes to amend the commission’s regulation at 16 CFR part 1112 to add crib mattresses to the list of products requiring third-party testing.

Publication Date:
Sept. 30, 2020