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The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPPS) has launched their first and new strategy, Strengthening National Capacity for Product Safety 2018–2020 to further improve consumer safety in the country.

The new strategy outlines the following plans:

  • A new national incident management team for product safety incidents capable of coordinating large scale product recall and repair programmes
  • Establishing a new website to support consumers with reliable information and advice about recalled products
  • Increased support for local authority enforcement teams at ports, borders and points of entry to ensure the safety of goods that are entering the UK
  • Close working with manufacturers to ensure they are compliant with safety regulations from an earlier stage of the production process
  • Developing tools and guidance to assist local authorities in improving risk assessments and identifying mistakes before they happen

Aside from the strategic plan, OPPS has also released the following:

  • Strengthening national capacity for product safety: Delivery plan 2018–2019
  • Early impact: immediate actions
  • Strategic research programme
  • Incident management plan