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The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care of England, UK has issued Novel (England) Regulations 2018.

These Regulations lay down an enhanced framework to properly risk assess novel foods before being placed on the market. The new regulations introduce the following:

  • a streamlined authorisation process and centralised Risk Assessments by the Food Safety Authority
  • a maximum of five years protection for new scientific evidence that has been used in support of authorisation applications.
  • a more simplistic authorisation application process for traditional foods consumed to a significant degree in third countries but not in the EU prior to 1997.

This requires that only novel foods authorised and included in the Union list may be placed on the market as such, or used in or on foods, in accordance with the conditions of use and labelling requirements specified therein, and with any post-market monitoring requirements as established in Article 6.2 as read with Article 24.

This regulation was enforced on March 8, 2018.