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Diamond Producers Association and UL Consumer and Retail Services collaborate to create the Assure Program – a third-party independent verification standard assessing Diamond Verification Instruments to offer reliable data to the diamond industry.

The global diamond supply chain presents a unique set of challenges in the disclosure and detection of natural diamonds and laboratory-grown/synthetic diamonds. Identifying, assessing and benchmarking diamond detection instruments adds a layer of complexity to monitoring efforts. The industry relies on Diamond Verification Instrument to separate and identify diamonds from synthetic diamonds. Approximately 40 devices are available in the market to test natural and laboratory-grown diamonds, but there were no independent means to verify the accuracy and reliability of the devices.

UL Consumer and Retail Services (CRS) partnered with the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) to provide the diamond industry with an objective, verified third-party information on the performance of Diamond Verification Instruments. UL and DPA developed the Diamond Verification Instrument Standard to measure and test the performance of Diamond Verification Instruments in a consistent manner. This process ensures the diamond industry is protected from undisclosed synthetic diamonds.

Twenty-one of the most widely available devices in the market were submitted for testing to UL in Canton, Massachusetts. The methods and protocols tested the Diamond Verification Instruments against the Diamond Verification Instruments Standard utilizing a sample of 1,200 diamonds including 200 lab-grown diamonds of all types.

DPA and UL are committed to the ASSURE Program and will deliver ongoing testing of Diamond Verification Instruments to ensure the trade is fully informed of the relative performance of the Diamond Verification Instruments in the market.

UL is delighted to lend our expertise as a standard-setting organization, with a focus on quality and scientific expertise to ensure Diamond Verification Instruments are tested rigorously in a transparent manner against a common sample and standard.

About the Diamond Producers Association

The Diamond Producers Association is an international alliance of the world’s leading diamond mining companies who are united in their commitment to best-in-class ethical and sustainable operations and transparent business practices. Together, DPA members represent the majority of the world diamond production. The DPA mission is to protect and promote the integrity and reputation of diamonds, and the diamond industry. For more information, visit diamondproducers​.com and RealisaDiamond​.comand follow @RealisaDiamond and #RealisRare.