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UL has launched new verifier capacity in Asia to assist with SAC verifications. In September 2017, UL joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), whose membership of global brands, retailers and manufacturers, as well as government, non-profit environmental organizations, and academic institutions, are collectively committed to improving supply chain sustainability in the apparel, footwear and textile industries. Upon joining, SAC CEO Jason Kibbey said of UL, “Having UL as part of the Coalition widens the scope of our impact within the industry and accelerates the change we’re making towards responsible industry actions.”

At its annual member meeting in Vancouver in May, the SAC announced more than 8,000 factories have registered to use the Higg Index, with over 110 brand members across 80 countries. Factories are now using the updated Higg Facility Environmental Module (Higg FEM) to self-assess their sites and will upload their environmental management reports through July 2018. Verifications by third-party service providers and qualified verifiers will take place through December 2018. UL has launched verifier capacity in Asia as a priority and is further developing capacity to meet market demands. For more information, please visit apparelcoalition​.org.

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