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Publication Date Monday, March 27, 2017



UL is the first auditing body to be accredited by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) to conduct verification audits. Additionally, UL can assist RJC members in becoming RJC certified.

Our audits validate conformance with the RJC Code of Practices, verifying responsible business practices in areas such as:

• Business ethics

• Human rights and social performance

• Environmental performance

• Management systems

• Provenance (sourcing) claims

UL is accredited to conduct RJC Chain of Custody verification assessments for gold and platinum metal group (PGM) industries, with global audit capacity to conduct audits throughout the world.

RJC Chain of Custody and Provenance Claims provision in the RJC Code of Practices Assessments may also help address OECD / Dodd Frank Conflict Minerals requirements, as well as a number of industry standards including LBMA, RBA, DMCC, and client-specific requirements such as Signet’s SRSP.

UL conducts Verification Audits for a variety of RJC members including:

• Retailers

• Jewellery manufacturers

• Wholesalers

• Diamond traders, cutters, polishers

• Gold/PGM refineries

• Mines

• Jewellery service industry


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