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UL’s Consumer and Retail Services location in Italy is now an AQC (Association for Quality Assurance of Leather Bracelets Manufacturers) referenced laboratory.

Our Italian laboratory meets AQC specifications and is now recognized as referenced laboratory for testing on chemical substances. UL experts will also participate in AQC Laboratory Working Group meetings.

Our state-of-the-art facility houses a team of more than 200 experts and can handle over 500 accredited test methods. We perform 3,000 analyses every day for consumer products brands and manufacturers in a wide range of consumer industries.

From design through delivery, we offer chemical and microbiological analysis, eco-toxicological assessments and physical-mechanical testing to help leather manufacturers produce articles that meet high levels of safety and quality and bring successful products to the market.

With AQC recognition, we are better able to serve the watch industry and manufacturers of leather bracelets.

Laboratory address:

UL Italy
Via Europa 28
22060 Cabiate (Co) — Italy

See our details on the AQC referenced laboratory webpage.

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Who is AQC
AQC is the Swiss-based Association for Quality Assurance of Leather Bracelets Manufacturers, supporting the leather bracelets manufacturers for the watch industry. Founded on June 2014, its members represent now more than 80% of the premium worldwide production. AQC was created to provide an additional service to the watch brands by enabling the traceability and conformity of the materials used in the manufacture of the leather bracelets and it is committed to improving environmental stewardship within the leather bracelet manufacturing supply chain.