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Location Barcelona, Spain
Date Thursday, October 3, 2019
Time 1:00 PM–5:30 PM



UL will be hosting a Retail & Brand Summit on October 3rd in Barcelona, Spain.

The world of fashion is changing: microfiber pollution, chemical regulations, children’s products safety requirements and transparent supply chains are all crucial matters of substance.

At this summit, UL experts will help you sort out insights on regulatory landscape, updates and emerging trends in the fashion industry.

Date and time:
October 3, 2019 — from 1pm until 5:30pm

Hotel Balmes
Mallorca, 216, 08008 — Barcelona, Spain


Topics of the day:

  • Microfibers and their environmental impact: overview on the global developments
    • Brief introduction on microfibers: what are they, where do they come from and where you can find them.
    • Potential development in the international regulatory landscape.
    • Testing methods — under study — for the evaluation and verification of the microfiber release during the textile products washing.
  • Update on chemical legislations
    • Our expert will provide you with the information related to legislations that will be applicable to your products in the near future.
    • Special attention to CMR in textile that have been introduced as amendments to Annex XVII of REACH Regulation.
  • Flash on children’s apparel safety updates
    • Main safety hazards.
    • European norms and technical reports on safety of children’s clothing.
    • Specific focus on cords, drawstrings and small parts testing.
  • New solutions to look at specific risks around modern slavery and gender
    • New solutions to target specific risks related to migrant workers, responsible recruitment and gender that leverage new technologies and combine these with focused onsite assessments.
  • Sustainable chemistry for textile industry: news, audits and the ZDHC Italian pilot on wastewater from tanneries
    • What are the new trends and what to expect from the future?
    • The upcoming challenges and explaining how audits are very important tools to guarantee that your supply chain is effectively progressing toward a more sustainable production.
    • Focus on the new expected development for tanneries after the wastewater pilot project organized by ZDHC.


Language of the event:
Partly English and partly Spanish

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