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The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has invited the public to submit comments on the draft guidelines for determining age appropriateness of toys. The draft guidance document was released on March 27, 2018.

This draft revises the 2002 guidelines to cover discussion of both new and old toys that evolved into the US market. It divides the categorization and age appropriateness of toys into the following:

  • play categories
  • toy subcategories
  • age groups
  • toy characteristics

This document was gathered through a research study conducted with 243 children ages 1–8 years and their parents, divided into the following age brackets: 1–1.5 years (12–18 months); 1.6–2 years (19–35 months); 3–5 years (36–71 months); and 6–8 years (72–107 months).

The commission stated that by providing the consumer product toy industry with better age-grading guidance, and describing how these principles can be applied to their product, will help reduce product-related incidents, costly compliance and enforcement actions.

CPSC will be accepting public comments up until June 11, 2018.