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This document proposes to amend Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 213, “Child restraint systems,” by updating the standard seat assembly on which child restraint systems (CRSs) are tested to determine their compliance with the standard’s dynamic performance requirements. This NPRM proposes other amendments to modernize FMVSS No. 213, including a lessening of restrictions in some of the standard’s owner registration and labeling requirements, to give manufacturers more flexibility in communicating with today’s parents for the purposes of increasing owner registrations for recall notification purposes and increasing the correct use of CRSs, respectively. NHTSA is also proposing ways to streamline the Agency’s use of test dummies to assess restraint performance, including simplifying the standard’s compliance tests to make them more reflective of the real-world use of CRSs today. The purpose of these and other proposals is to modernize the seat assembly and other aspects of FMVSS No. 213, to help ensure the continued effectiveness of CRSs in current and future vehicles. The public comment is until Jan. 4, 2021.

Publication Date:
Nov. 5, 2020