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USA’s Department of Agriculture has proposed a rule concerning National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard.

This proposed rule establishes a mandatory uniform national standard for disclosure of information to consumers about the bioengineered status of foods. Food label shall bear this text disclosure:

  • For high adoption bioengineered foods.
    • Bioengineered food” for bioengineered food that is a raw agricultural commodity or processed food that contains only bioengineered food ingredients; or
    • Contains a bioengineered food ingredient” for multi-ingredient food that is not described in paragraph (a)(1) of this section, but contains one or more bioengineered food ingredients.
  • For non-high adoption bioengineered foods
    • Text disclosure must be “may be a bioengineered food,” “may contain a bioengineered food ingredient,” “bioengineered food,” or “contains a bioengineered food ingredient,” as appropriate.

This is open for public comment until July 3, 2018. A webinar is made available on the AMS website beginning June 1, 2018.



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