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To stay competitive in a global marketplace, manufacturers must produce high quality products that meet consumer expectations and comply with standards and regulations. Non-conforming products that reach consumers may lead to negative reviews, customer returns, and even product recalls, whilst a focus on quality assurance can protect your brand reputation.

UL helps you verify product quality at all stages of the product’s life cycle (from design phase to post-shipment). Our technical experts conduct on-site audits at manufacturing facilities to check if the supplier adheres to the client’s code of conduct and policy standards. UL’s auditors look for quality issues that could stem from equipment not being serviced to the maintenance schedule to finished products not being packed safely for shipment.

Managing product integrity is a pain point for manufacturers that use Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) raw materials in production. Products that pass inspections at the initial stage may be rejected at final product testing if the supplier makes changes to the raw materials. We can help you verify if your global suppliers are following Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines and minimize production delays.

Product quality extends beyond the production to the way products are sourced. Consumers are increasingly interested in the source of their products and whether the vendor’s supply chain impacts the environment and communities. UL can customise a responsible sourcing program to help clients achieve supply chain transparency.

When quality incidents do occur, UL provides the expertise to help clients minimize risks through corrective actions and take preventative measures to avoid recurrence.