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Safety is a concern for anyone buying a new toy. Consumers are not going to make a purchase if they are worried about the toy’s safety. With the UL Toy Safety Certification Mark, consumers can buy your toys with confidence.The toy industry is highly regulated in order to protect the safety and health of young consumers. Manufacturers need to demonstrate a safety-first approach in their products to meet regulations and stand out from competitors.

UL Certification Mark - US Sample Did you know that over 22 billion UL marks appear on products annually and 97,237 products are evaluated by UL each year?

UL developed the UL Toy Safety Certification Mark as a holistic approach to testing and compliance for toys. Testing for the US is based on the latest ASTM F963 Standard Consumer Safety Specifications for Toy Safety or for the EU, testing is based on  EN 71–1, EN 71–2, EN 71–3, EN 71–4, EN 71–5, EN 71–7, EN 71–8, EN 71–12, EN 71–13, EN 71–14 and EN 62115 ​. These tests include mechanical use and abuse, flammability, and chemical testing for lead and other heavy metals.

UL Certification Mark - EU SampleIn addition to product testing, manufacturers undergo product inspections and factory audits at different stages in the supply chain. UL will conduct follow-up services throughout the lifetime of the certification to assess continued compliance with UL requirements. Once certified, manufacturers can promote the UL Toy Safety Certification Mark on the products and packaging.

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