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Virtual Guided Audit™ (VGA) provides retailers with an alternative, modified option to traditional in-person audits, especially when a physical audit isn’t possible. Designed to enhance a routine food safety program provided by UL’s Everclean®, a VGA provides you with additional opportunity to assess your facility’s food safety and sanitation compliance without the need for an auditor to visit the location.

A qualified and experienced auditor will guide you through the assessment from start to finish via livestream on a mobile device, evaluate critical operational challenges, coach staff on areas of improvement, and promptly issue a report with immediate feedback. Additionally, each qualifying VGA may yield a Verified Mark from UL’s Marketing Claim Verification program.

A VGA can also be conducted under our Emergency Response Assessment™ (ERA) solution, or performed under a Pre-Reopening Audit™ (PRA) to assess a facility’s reopening preparedness. To get started with a VGA or for more information, contact us today.