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Success in the global marketplace requires a clear understanding of regulatory requirements in local markets. But it’s more complicated than simply knowing the rules. It is vital to know exactly how regional rules apply to your products, and whether any changes to those regulations are on the horizon.

Leverage UL’s experts and facilities throughout the world to reduce compliance complexity.

An inspector ensuring a product’s safety and regulatory compliance by performing tests.

Competition obviously increases dramatically when you broaden your business’ reach, so getting safer, quality-assured products to market fast is essential. Working with UL helps you keep pace with ever-changing compliance requirements and get a real understanding of the rules and regulations of your target market.


Global Market Certification

Working with UL allows you to take advantage of streamlined service paths through UL’s participation in global certification programs. This means you can gain the certifications or approvals for many countries without the need for retesting or working with multiple organizations. In the end, this translates to faster time-to-market with reduced cost.

Global Market Inspection

Gain and retain the certifications required in your target markets. UL’s factory inspections and ongoing assessments of a product’s quality and compliance status bring new confidence to the entire value chain.

Global Market Auditing 

Ease the process of operating on a global scale with UL global auditing footprint. UL’s auditors confirm value, governance and compliance to industry standards, regulatory requirements and organizational necessities.

Global Market Advisory and Education

Solve the most complex compliance questions and problems with the help of UL’s Global Market Access team. Stay current with evolving regulatory requirements and understand how regulations in your target markets apply to your products.