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Inspection Service Solutions for Consumer Goods

Third Party Inspections of consumer goods is a key checkpoint in a global quality assurance program to ensure product meets specification prior to release and shipment. UL maintains a team of trained inspectors across all categories of consumer goods and located in all major sourcing locations in support of our client programs, and maintains robust global training, quality, and integrity systems across our global inspections team.

UL serves as a key partner for major global retailers in designing and customizing global inspection programs to their specific requirements, leveraging our global reach, expertise, and data management systems to minimize the risk of substandard product from being shipped.

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UL Service Offering for Inspection:

Top of Production Inspections (TOP) — Before full production, UL’s inspection team will evaluate the first 200 units produced to ensure compliance with necessary criteria.

During Production Inspections (DUPRO) – UL’s product inspections take place once a minimum of 20%, but no more than 40% of finished goods are produced to ensure consistent quality in the manufacturing process.

Pre-Shipment Inspections (PSI) — The PSI takes place at the 100% production mark with a minimum of 80% of goods packed and seated in shipping cartons for verification of your purchase specifications.

Loading Inspections – Loading inspections are conducted at the factory or port to verify count, confirm load and seal container. Production schedules should be shared in advance so UL can work with the factory to plan loading inspections.

Quality Assurance Platform – UL’s Performance Analysis & Trending Hub (PATH) is a single platform for all quality assurance data — inspection, testing, and audit data. This online management platform uses data analytics to predict product quality problems that need to be improved.

Dedicated Program Management – UL’s global service delivery approach includes inspector qualification training, supervision of third-party contractors, integrity systems, and quality control. Our program management team can provide you with global coverage and expertise across product categories to ensure efficient service delivery.

Do you need to kick off an inspections project immediately? Please contact us at Inspections@​UL.​com to schedule your inspections.

Why UL?

Quality, Expertise, and Innovation.

UL supports major brands and retailers in customizing a Global Inspection program’s parameters to their unique business requirements, applying best practices and new ideas. UL delivers value through specialized product category expertise, superior service, and data-driven solutions. UL provides training, oversight, governance, and data analysis of Supplier Self Inspections programs and works to investigate and address the root cause of non-conformances through our engineering and training services.

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