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What is Proposition 65?

If your business operates or sells within the United States, in particular, the state of California, it is imperative you are aware of the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 known as Proposition 65 or Prop 65. UL has the capabilities and subject matter experts to help your company not only understand Prop 65 but assists in verifying your products are in compliance with all requirements.

Prop 65 is designated as a consumer “right to know” law meaning unless you are an exempted entity, such as a government agency or a company with under ten employees, your products must contain a clear Prop 65 warning label if they contain one of the 850+ listed chemicals. Additionally, your products cannot release any of the listed chemicals into a source of drinking water.

California’s Proposition 65 contains a list of 850+ chemicals that are known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive toxicity. This list of chemicals is updated annually, affecting all consumer products that are sold or used in the state of California. For the full list of chemicals, please click here.

How can UL help you meet Prop 65 requirement?

UL’s Prop 65 consulting services offer your business a variety of testing options and advisory services to determine if your products are compliant with Prop 65 retail requirements. Our experts can help you design a compliance strategy to implement into your supply chain to avoid non-compliance issues. We offer Prop 65 product testing for numerous industries such as:

Textiles, apparel, and footwear
Personal care and beauty products or cosmetics
Food and beverages
OTC (over-the-counter medication) or pharmaceuticals
 Food contact materials
Office supplies
Glass and ceramic products
Premiums, promotional products, and licensed goods
Jewelry and watches
Pet products
Eyewear and eyeglasses
Children and juvenile products


UL’s Prop 65 testing services

UL has the subject matter experts and seasoned engineers that understand the difficulties and intricacies that are involved with Proposition 65 testing. With our state-of-the-art laboratories, UL has the expertise and resources to address your Prop 65 compliance needs. Our Proposition 65 services include:

To learn more about UL’s Prop 65 services and how they can help your business, please contact us today.