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Understanding your customers’ preferences can provide the key insights necessary for a successful product launch. Consumer studies testing and research assist you in substantiating your product claims, provide you feedback on packaging and marketing campaigns, generate responses on sensory and performance characteristics, and help you determine the overall perception of your product. UL’s robust consumer studies testing program gathers the vital information needed to help you differentiate your products in a competitive marketplace.

Benefits of Consumer Studies Testing

Consumer studies can provide insights into a customer’s buying decision and can help uncover design flaws before the product reaches retail shelves. A successful consumer study allows businesses to see in real-time how potential consumers interact with their products and captures both positive and negative feedback. This information can assist in gaining a competitive edge over similar products offered in the market. It can also identify areas of improvement that may have been overlooked during the initial design phase.

Consumer studies testing can be performed for a variety of industries such as:


Dietary supplements


Food and beverage


Paper products and consumables


OTC and pharmaceuticals


Personal care and beauty


Household cleaning products


Class 1 medical devices



Consumer Studies Testing Labs

To find a lab nearest you for consumer studies testing, please contact us at one of our global locations.

Why UL

UL is here to help you achieve a successful consumer study. We have trained moderators who specialize in conducting consumer research and know exactly what questions to ask to gather the desired feedback. Our extensive consumer database is comprised of thousands of individuals, allowing you the option to choose the demographics you would like to collect information from.

Our state-of-the-art facilities include a CLT room (central location testing), test kitchen, focus group room, personal care lab/sink room, sensory booths, color masking lighting, and more. All of which can be utilized to conduct consumer research.

We offer a variety of consumer studies options to best fit your needs including:

  • Central location tests
  • Consumer panels
  • Home use tests
  • Focus groups
  • Preference and parity
  • Concept testing
  • Category reviews

For more information on UL’s consumer studies testing capabilities, please contact us today.