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Material testing can help you gain greater information about the materials you use when manufacturing your products and will help you ensure they are fit for their purpose, as well as capable of performing through the duration of their expected lifetime.

Together with our experienced experts, specialized in global and regional standards and regulations, our material testing consultants and our state-of-the-art laboratories all around the globe can conduct tests for chemical, mechanical, technological, corrosive, thermal and wear influences, as well as offer customized testing designed to gauge adherence to customer specifications, and regional and international standards.

Benefits of material testing

Knowing the raw materials you use in your productions are fit and suitable for their intended purpose is a crucial step for manufacturers of any product category. Material testing will help you minimize the risks, failures and the maintenance of your products so that your consumers can use them more confidently.

Material testing can be performed on a wide range of consumer product categories, including but not limited to:




Food contact


Pet products


Juvenile products


Personal care and beauty


Textile, apparel and footwear


Packaging materials


Premiums and promotional products


Private label


General merchandise


Household cleaning products


Jewelry and watches


Material testing laboratory 

To find a lab nearest you for material testing services, please contact us at one of our global locations.

Why UL

With worldwide state-of-the-art material testing laboratories, dedicated knowledgeable experts and experienced consultants, UL is your ideal provider to help you ensure and trust the materials used in manufacturing, as well as in the end product, are fit for their intended purpose and their life expectancy.

UL’s experts can help you develop customized trainings to better implement a material testing process in your supply chain. The program allows you to gain insights on the properties, durability and strength of the materials you use in your products.

UL’s material testing services are designed to help you deliver higher quality and durability in your products, achieve compliance with vital checks that determine if your products and their component parts meet their intended use and expected life cycle specifications, as well as help you ensure compliance to regional and international standards and regulations.

For more information on UL’s material testing capabilities, please contact us today.