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During the retail purchasing experience, the first interaction a customer has with a product is with its packaging. Like for finished products, testing is recommended and required for packaging to help ensure safety and quality. Our packaging testing services can determine if your packaging is compliant with industry and customer-specific standards to help confirm that you are bringing a complete, high-quality consumer product to market.

Benefits of packaging testing

The benefits of packaging testing can be found all through the product’s life cycle. UL can evaluate the raw materials used in packaging to make sure they are in compliance before the containers are manufactured. Performance and physical testing on your packaging can help determine if the packaging will hold up during transit and is durable enough to stay intact all the way to retail shelves. Sensory testing and consumer studies can help identify the characteristics of the packaging that costumers like and dislike, providing key insights into what affects a consumer’s buying decision.

The benefits of packaging testing do not stop with the physical evaluations. The content on the packaging requires quality attention as well. Our label review services can evaluate the different labeling sections of a product such as product claims, use instructions and nutritional facts to help ensure they are compliant with governmental regulations and industry standards.

Packaging testing services can be performed for a variety of industries such as:




Food contact


Pet products


Juvenile products


Personal care and beauty


Textile, apparel and footwear


Food and beverage


Premiums and promotional products


Household cleaning products


General merchandise


Class 1 medical devices


Over-the-counter (OTC) medications


Dietary supplements


Private label


Cannabidiol (CBD)



Packaging testing laboratory

To find a laboratory nearest to you for packaging testing services, please contact us at one of our global locations.

Why UL

UL’s state-of-the-art testing laboratories around the world can provide a full suite of testing services, including microbiological, chemical, physical, performance and sensory testing on your packaging. Our laboratories are accredited by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) and are certified to test to their standards. We have seasoned label review experts who can review your labeling to confirm they are compliant with the current regulations.

Testing requirements become even stricter when dealing with packaging that will be in contact with food. UL’s food contact experts know exactly how to evaluate these types of packaging to help ensure the packaging does not contaminate the food, dietary supplement or OTC medication they come in contact with.

Additionally, we offer UL Marketing Claim Verification to help you cut through the clutter with independent confirmation of your marketing claims, which can include the UL Verified Mark on your packaging if all criteria are met.

For more information on UL’s packaging testing capabilities, please contact us today.