GB/T 14272–2021《羽绒服装》新标准解读网络培训研讨会广东话场

GB/T 14272–2021《羽绒服装》新标准解读网络培训研讨会广东话场

28 July , 2021 (Wednesday) | 2021年7月28日(星期三)上午10:00p.m.-11:00p.m.

UL诚邀您参加GB/T 14272–2021《羽绒服装》新标准解读网络培训研讨会。此次研讨中,UL的行业专家将介绍羽绒服装新标准的更新内容及相关注意点。

UL cordially invites you to the GB/T 14272–2021 Down Clothing New Standard Training Webinar. During this webinar, UL’s industry experts will introduce the changes in the 2021 version compared with the previous 2011 version. We will also talk about the impact that may affect you and providing recommendations to cope with them. 

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